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How long does it take to order a bridal gown?

We carry designers from all over the world! That being said, they all have different shipping schedules. We have experienced that the average designer's production time, based on the popularity and time of year, will take up to 6 months. However, if you are requesting custom changes to be made, this may take up to 9 months. If you are getting married in less than 6 months, DO NOT PANIC, we can always request a rush shipment! If the designer declines due to a busy production schedule you can always consider our floor option.Your sales consultant will go over all the details at the time of purchase. 

I purchased my gown elsewhere, can I still come in for alterations?

We do accept outside work, however, we give priority to our clients first. During the busy seasons, our tailoring experts might be totally booked. Please give us a call to check the schedule.

My bridesmaids need to try on dresses and be measured, but I'll be ordering from a store I found online, is that okay?
Do I have to pay in full at the time of purchase?

We understand weddings can be costly, and you need to handle your budget very cautiously. We require a 70% deposit at the time of purchase to order your dress. We will work out a payment plan with you until the 70% deposit is satisfied. See a sales consultant for details.

Coming to our salon will provide you with a service that you will not be receiving by purchasing online. Online you are not able to touch the fabrics for texture, see the color in person, or try on to see what fits best. We will not measure you until you are prepared to place an order. We highly recommend purchasing through a bridal consultant, her time is precious due to the high level of demand, so we do suggest making an appointment. If you are not planning to buy but would like to be measured, try dresses, and compare swatches, you will be charged $30.00 for maids dresses, $50.00 for mother of the bride dresses, and $100.00 for bridal.

I saw a dress at another salon that you also carry at your store - will you price match?

We will price match with brick and mortar stores within the tri-state area, as long as they are authorized retailers and are current with all seasons. Please provide us with a written estimate from the store as well. 

I found my dream dress online for half the price - will you price match that as well? 
I'm trying to lose weight for my daughter's wedding in 4 months and don't want to shop too early.

Mother of the bride dresses take around 4 months to arrive from when the order is placed. Some designers will offer a rush order for a fee, however, most do not. We suggest shopping early and ordering based on your current measurements. If you lose weight by the time of your fitting, the seamstresses will adjust for you. 

I want to make an appointment but I don't like to shop when it is too busy

It is overwhelming if you are visiting a salon during our busiest days, or time of the year. We highly recommend shopping during the middle of the week for a more quite and relaxing time.

I just got engaged and can not wait to start trying on dresses,can i pop in to look?

You can always stop by to take a look at our current dress selection, however, if you do require assistance we ask that you schedule an appointment. If you are coming in on a weekend we always recommend making an appointment so that you receive the full attention appointments require.

I want to come in to try on bridal gowns, along with, mother of the bride, bridesmaids dresses, and flower girls dresses,at the same time.How much time should we allow?

We discourage you from trying to squeeze all these appointments into one, due to the fact it will make you feel very overwhelmed. We suggest making an appointment for your bridal gown first. Once you have selected for yourself, you will be able to make clear choices for the rest of the party.

I have lost a lot of weight, am now a size 18, and plan on losing a lot more. By the wedding I will be a size 8, what size should I order? 

Choosing a size is entirely up to you. You have followed a daily diet regimen, you are monitoring your weight loss. We can not predict what size you will be in the coming months, we can only measure you and recommend the size you are today. If you would like to choose a different size you are more than welcome to do so, please make sure your sales consultant is aware.

I ordered a size 4 bridal gown, and just found out I'm pregnant.

We can monitor your growth and schedule a formal fitting closer to the wedding, the tailoring experts will show you options at that time. We will work with you in every way possible to make sure you are comfortable for your big day!

I purchased my gown from you three months ago, but I changed my mind. Can I re-select?

Once the order for your wedding dress has been processed with the designer we will not be able to stop production. We can however find out if there are any other brides interested in the same gown, color, and size, and will contact you as soon as that option becomes available.

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